Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Growing up my dad had a good job. But, unfortunately he would spend his paycheck on what he wanted and not what we needed. This meant that we spent a lot of time in our home without utilities. And we would have went without food if it wasn’t for my mom’s parents. If I can … Read more

God’s Looking for You

I remember at about age 10 years old going to my grandfather’s house On my father’s side Of the family. My grandfather would be watching the 700 Club. The host Pat Robertson would be talking about topics I did not understand.  And then he would tell you to lay your hands on the TV screen … Read more

How Jesus Christ Saved Me From Myself Update

Welcome to the blogwithjesus.com. I’m Robert Welsh the founder of Jesus Media. I would like to tell you my personal testimony of how I accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home although my parents told us we were Catholics. But the only time we attended church was for … Read more

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