PRESS ON toward the GOAL

I remember in 2009, I was taking my second class in The Graduate all Christian Ministries program. I decided to do my final paper on the Old Testament Covenant. I thought this would be a great idea because I didn’t know very much about the topic and writing a paper on the subject would be … Read more


I remember a time in my life when I would wake up in the morning and my attitude would be: “oh God it’s morning” instead of thank God it’s morning. Yet, the small practice of taking a moment to say 3 to 5 things that I am grateful for really began to make a difference. … Read more


I remember in the Year 2008, I felt that God was calling me to go back to school for my masters in Christian Ministry. So, my wife and I began a three-day fast in order to confirm that we were hearing from God about this.  Three days later after fasting, we agreed that God was … Read more


Recently, A co-worker told me that when she was studying for her degree, she was in a training program at the company we currently work for. They told her, “if you complete your degree and the training program, we will hire you to work here.” But when she finished her degree and the training program, … Read more

JOY comes in the MORNING

I remember in 1999, I was struggling in Bible College and in Life. Looking back, I believe this was an attack of the enemy. My wife told me to call her coworkers’ wife; she was a pastor. When speaking to me, she said, “go to sleep you will have your answer in the morning.” I … Read more


In 2000, I received a call from the Bible College I was attending, stating that I was past due on my tuition. This was hard to understand because I thought I had received a full scholarship when I was admitted to the college. I told the College that I would have to stop attending and … Read more


I remember in 1999 falling into a state of depression that lasted for about 12 years. I had been working in my chosen profession for about 4 years. The job I had been working at was one in which if you were given a hundred tasks but got one wrong the supervisor would come and … Read more

God’s Blessing brings Wealth

I remember when I got married. My wife and I rented a basement apartment from one of her co-workers. We paid $400 a month. The apartment included a large living room, a large eat-in kitchen, a nice sized bedroom and full bathroom. Plus, all utilities were included even a hookup for cable TV and telephone … Read more

Are YOU Hungry for GOD?

I remember when I began to investigate Christianity.  It was right after I heard the voice of God say,”You have tried everything to be happy. Why don’t you see what the Christians have to live for?” I went home and took a Bible off my closet shelf. It was given to me a year prior … Read more


I remember before I was a Christian, I was somewhere I should not have been, doing things I  should not have been doing. When someone tried to rob me. They asked me for all my money. And I had no money on me. But I was wearing a gold cross that was given to me. … Read more

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